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Preparing your Home for Guests this Summer

Deck Repair

Your deck increases your home’s value. It also allows for a nice social spot at your home. For free time or guests, a nice outdoor deck/seating space helps you and others feel comfortable while being outdoors. If your deck has warping, cracking, chipping, mold or mildew, it not only looks bad, it can be harmful. Any type of growth, including green or black algae and dry rot, can ruin the wood and sacrifice your safety. Do NOT use bleach, yes it might kill those harmful growths but it’s also going to deteriorate the wood and kill your lawn. Not to mention bleach isn’t safe for your pets or kids either. Instead, look for a specific deck cleaner at your big box stores like Wet and Forget’s gentle formula.

Clean Garbage Cans

The first thing we start to notice before the AC kicks on is all the scents that might not have been so prevalent in the colder months. The main culprit, for both outdoor and indoor scents might be your garbage cans. Take them ALL out doors to be washed with some dish soap, bathroom or toilet bowl cleaner and a hose. They are really easy to clean with a rag or letting them air dry. Then throw a dryer sheet in the bottom or spray in some odor killer to keep that scent away even after trash is added. The best way to disguise garbage scent is to make the scent in the garbage match the scent of the room. Match your air freshener with your dryer sheet or garbage bag scent to really minimize smells in the room.

Driveway Upgrade

The driveway is part of your curb appeal as well as your first impression for guests. Not to mention, it’s a function of your home meaning the first experience your guests get as well. If your driveway is cracked or has potholes it decreases the curb appeal and poses possible damage to vehicles if they are big enough. Start by cleaning up debris, growth, pulling weeds and power washing. Then if your driveway still needs some TLC you can fill in cracks with a temporary fix like sand, gravel, cement or rubber. You can also apply a seal coat to your driveway to keep further damage to a minimum.

Streak Free Wipes

Keeping wipes on hand for your guests is a good idea just in case there are any accidental spills, slops or other messes. Having wipes is especially a good idea during this time because it is mindful and shows effort to decrease germ spreading. Streak free wipes are the quickest way to tidy up your home from dusting to wiping door handles and walls. We like the Seventh Generation wipes because they are safe for dogs and kids, however Clorox also offers a streak free option. If you aren’t into disposable options, microfiber clothes and streak free disinfecting spray also works great for quick cleaning.

Have Pets?

Offer a lint roller to your guests. Wait to vacuum at THE LAST SECOND possible before guests arrive. It isn’t just doing your guests a favor, you’ll be glad you did for your own satisfaction too. Offering a lint roller when your guests arrive is just courtesy. Not everyone is used to being covered in dog hair and some of your guests may have allergies or somewhere to go after their visit with you.

Clean The Fridge

Believe it or not, the one door your guests are bound to open is the fridge. Whether they want to help prepare food, put away something they brought, or help with clean up, they WILL open your fridge. Cleaning your fridge will make it appear like you detail cleaned your home. It also is a key factor in keeping your kitchen smelling good, along with those streak free wipes and garbage washing. It will also make it easier for you to store leftover from the get together and you’ll be happy about it for weeks to come, not just for the planned social hour.

Weed Killer

Our favorite cleaning and quick upgrade item is weed killer. Having weeds decreases your curb appeal. AND adults like to pull them, and they WILL if they too are home owners and have developed a weed pulling habit.It’s not only slightly embarrassing for your hosts to pull your weeds for you, even if it’s out of habit, but it’s taking away from that first impression. Spraying weed killer a week in advance is an easy way to make your yard, driveway, mulch, flower beds, etc. look stunning without a distraction. It’s also one of those quick fix items that will last all season long allowing you to thank yourself for weeks to come.

Check back to our blog frequently for all the tips and tricks, from window installation to quick tips like these. Our blog is here to help all your home owner needs. Email us today at for questions or quote requests.

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