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Cascade Windows 

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Cascade Windows

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Lifetime Guarantee

As long as the original owner lives in the house with Cascade's vinyl windows or patio doors. Cascade will make good on any defects in material or workmanship

WinPro Window Series

The WinPro Series has a sleek look and trustworthy performance that homeowners and builders can both appreciate. This series also features an energy efficient design to create an extremely smart window and affordable window for the Colorado Climate. It features a traditional compression cam-lock and provides a streamlined profile, which deliver a contemporary look and greater viewing area.

cascade windows
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Cascade Window Series

The Cascade window series is a full-line window series that features an innovative design with timeless beauty and structural probity. The series offers the look of a classic wood window tied with innovative features making it look modern while also providing functionality. 

Hardware Options

The Cascade & WinPro Series offer a variety of hardware options to suit your home and lifestyle.

Nesting Handle
WOCD Vent Stop
The Advantage of Cascade Windows' Glass Coatings

EC = Dual Coat internal Low-E, high performance internal Low-E with more visual light transmittance.

EC+ = Triple Coat internal Low-E, has been specially formulated to reject the sun's heat without affecting the view. It lets in more light and helps keep the heat out.

EC/EC Advanced = Dual Low-E, high performance internal Low-E combined with 4th surface Low-E.

EC+/ EC Advanced = Dual Low-E, Triple Coat internal Low-E with 4th surface Low-E, the best overall combination for low solar heat gain and the maximum reduction in u-value.

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Super Spacer Options

Cascade Ultra spacer system offers the same aesthetics as the standard intercept spacer although with better u-value performance.

Cascade U-Value

U-values measure the rate that heat transfers through a product. Therefore the lower u-value, the lower the heat loss and the better your home is insulated. Cascade's specially coated EC and EC+ windows reflect outside heat in the summer and interior heat in the winter, reducing your air conditioning and heating requirements.

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