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Simonton Windows And Doors

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About Simonton

Simonton was founded in West Virginia in 1946 when Fred and Sybil Simonton recognized the need for high-quality exterior aluminum products and founded Pen Vent Awning. Their son would later help take Simonton to the next level. In 1981, he convinced the rest of the family that in order to differentiate the company from its competitors, they would need to begin producing energy-efficient vinyl windows. As a result, Simonton Windows was born.

Today, the Simonton portfolio of products includes 12 different window and patio door lines with varying structural and stylistic features, all of which can be ordered to meet ENERGY STAR® guidelines. In addition, Simonton is committed to always exceeding customer expectations with the highest‐quality products available and unbeatable service.  



Simonton vinyl ENERGY STAR® replacement windows come in 9 different styles.

Double hung, single hung, slider, casement, awning, bay/bow, picture, geometric, and garden windows. 

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Custom Residential Windows
Simonton residential replacement windows are completely customizable to fit your needs:
Sizes – Simonton will create custom windows to fit any existing opening in your home. Custom sizes provide the perfect fit for accurate installation and performance.
Interior & Exterior Colors – Choose from a variety of colors to customize the look of your window and create curb appeal.
Hardware Finishes – Select from a wide range of hardware finishes to complement your home’s design including satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze and more.
Grid Styles & Patterns – Choose from several different grille styles and patterns to complete the look of your home. Simonton offers a variety of architecturally accurate patterns include colonial, prairie and Victorian.



Simonton offers only 2 types of doors, both being patio doors. They offer sliding and singing patio doors. Custom patio doors are available in a variety of sizes to transform any space. With seven decades of experience as an industry leader, Simonton Patio doors give a reliable performance.

Sliding Patio Doors
Sliding patio doors provide access to the outside, natural light and fresh air. Since these doors don’t require any additional space for operation, you can enjoy sliding patio doors in rooms of all sizes. Unlike with swing or hinged doors, you won’t have to worry about your furniture or other objects interfering with the operation of your sliding patio door. Our sliding patio doors include a screen, so you can leave your door open and enjoy a comfortable breeze without worrying about insects getting inside.


French Hinged Patio Doors
A French hinged patio door is easy to open, affords a wide and beautiful view and adds elegance to any home. With both door panels opening, you will have more clearance than with a sliding patio door for bringing large items in or out of your home

Center Hinged Patio Doors
A center hinged patio door allows you to choose which panel is operable, but only one, and which way you’d like it to swing: in or out. This option is perfect for those who prefer the swing option but don’t have the clearance for two doors.

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