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Pella Windows and Doors

About Pella

Pella is a Colorado local company of talented, experiences and customer-focused team. Their goal is customer service meaning great lead times, and a painless experience from supplier, to GC to you. The foundation was built on respect, integrity, honest and responsibility. Pella also follows the ENERGY STAR standards and has been he partner of the year for five years in a row. Pella is committed to environmental stewardship, green building, and energy efficiency, and they serve as a source for products that are made in accordance with these strict sustainability standards.

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Pella Window Frames come in Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl. Pella offers several styles of replacement windows including, double hung, single hung, sliding, casement, bay and boy, custom windows, special shapes, and specialty windows. Most of these windows are pretty standard options that all companies have to offer, however, the specialty window is a bit more unique

Specialty Windows

This is one of few companies that offers specialty windows. These are also known as a French Windows because it acts like a mini French door. This specialty window includes seven styles, which are not common in the US and can really make your home pop.

  • French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from either side. With this style there is no center astragal, allowing for full ventilation and an unobstructed view.

  • Push Out Casement — A casement window that operates with a turn of a handle and gentle push rather than a hinge crank.

  • Push Out French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from the center with a gentle push. Provides the unobstructed view of a traditional French Casement with an alternative operation style.

  • In-Swing Casement — Opens into the interior of a room instead of out, this style operates with a “pull” motion rather than a crank.

  • In-Swing French Casement — Side-by-side in-swing sashes that open into the room.

  • Tilt-Turn — A common European window style, tilt-turn windows offer two ways to open the sash. Turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the sash into a room, or 180 degrees to tilt the sash in to vent from the top.

  • Hopper — Similar to an awning window, but vents at the top, opening into the interior of a room.


Pella has everything from standard steel entry doors to large multi-slide and bifold patio doors. Basic entry doors offered by Pella include storm doors, wood entry doors, fiberglass, and steel doors. Patio doors include hinged French, sliding, bifold, and multi-sided.

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