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Better Solution, Better Building.
LP makes high performance products that you need and we provide. 

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LP Smart Side  


All LP products are designed to out stand impact, nature's elements, fungal decay and termites. All LP Smart Side Trim and Siding products are treated with their proprietary Smart Guard process with involves 4 key protective elements. The process adds strength against freeze and thaw cycles, humidity, fungus and termites. Testing shows that LP Smart Side strand products resist impact better than vinyl and fiver cement siding which means they can hold sturdy against gold balls and storm debris as well as hold tight through wind gusts of up to 200 mph. Testing is done in Hilo, Hawaii because of it's extreme conditions with head averaging above 70° and humidity of 170" of annual rainfall. LP Smart Side strand siding is also easier to handle and install, it's less likely to break and chip resulting in less waste over time.


LP does a lot of good for the planet too. LP "builds for the future: by using Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified forest management and fiber sourcing systems to help ensure that the weed comes from well-managed forests. Wood is a renewable resource, grown and gathered under strict SFI standards and uses 99% of the log. All binding agents and resins are low-emitting, LP qualifies for green building programs. 

Pros and Cons

One of our favorite resources is the home visualizer that LP offers. You can try that out at or click here. So what do WE think of LP? We love the deep grain 2 tone and smooth finished. These represent a stained wood look but are more durable than real wood cedar siding. We also love that it's a warrantied product, and the price point is cheaper than some of it's competitors like Diamond Kote siding. What we don't love about LP is that unless you are in Canada, at this time you have to get it pr-finished from another brand like Diamond Kote if you want a pre-finished colored product. Another thing we love is the Smart Guard technology which is their engineered wood giving you all the benefits. It's composed of resins, overlay, zinc borate, and waxes to give optimal protection. 
























Lap Siding

Lap siding comes in cedar texture or smooth texture finish. 

Cedar texture is an easy to maintain engineered wood product

that offers a lively finish. the LP cedar lap siding is one of the

most durable lap siding option on the market. The cedar option

has a self-aligning SmartLock option that eliminates the need to

measure and manual align. eliminating this step in the process

speeds up the installation process. Both cedar and smooth LP

lap siding come pre-primed for exceptional paint adhesion. They

are APA certified and are treated engineered wood strand

substrates. Smooth finish has all the same great technology

features with with a sleek finish. lap siding wood technology

offers protection against the elements with the Smart Guard

technology applies. The panels are 16' in length and can allow for

faster installation and less job site waste. The long length results

in fewer seems for an elegant look. It also has a 5/50 year limited

warranty which is highly competitive in the siding market. 

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Trim and Fascia

Trim and Fascia are the finishing touches, but they might

be first to be noticed. Trim and fascia also come in deep

cedar-grain texture or smooth finish. There are a variety

of widths and thicknesses to achieve any style. You can

find your own custom design accents in your trim and

fascia for amazing curb appeal. Cedar texture trim is used

for both interior and exterior use including corner boards,

windows and doors. It comes in narrow widths, pre-primed,

and 16' lengths as well. Smooth finish trim has similar

benefits with some additions, it's backed by a 5/50 year

limited warranty and is also treated with SmartGuard and

hold up in extreme weather such as hail, and 200 mph winds. 


This beautiful aesthetic can be used for accents, gables or siding walls and will take curb appeal to the next level. This product will allow your home to really stand out among the rest. Cedar texture shakes offer the look of traditional cedar but is easier to maintain over time. Staggered edges off a lively, textured effect and can be used on all exterior walls or just in sections for a decorative accent. They have ship-lap ends for a seamless appearance. Cedar texture shakes have reversible staggered or straight edges to offer exceptional design versatility. 








Panel and Vertical Siding

Traditional wood panels can't stand up to LP Panels. They are very common with multifamily, shed, and residential applications that seek a premium look but also needs to combat extreme weather. Vertical Panels also come in a cedar texture or smooth finish. It will give the board and batten look with superior durability. Cedar Texture panels have many benefits. They have shiplap edges with advanced bead systems for easier alignment and they come pre-primes for easy paint adhesion just like the Lap siding options. They are significantly lighter than it's competitive fiber cement panels but is strong enough to be nailed directly to the stud, making additional sheathing unnecessary in many applications. It eliminated the need for additional bracing on load-bearing walls, ideal exterior for home in areas with high winds, or seismic activity. Vertical Panels are going to be the higher class option when choosing an up right style because comparative options are not rated for structural use. 


Soffit is another detail that shouldn't be over looked. You can get LP soffit in the same wood grain or smooth finish as the previous items and you also have a vented or non vented option. You can choose the look that matches your siding in the precise pre-cut widths and bug resistance finish. LP Soffit is the perfect alternative to MDO and plywood soffit. It's cut to width which eliminates time spent on full sheets at the job site. The vents are 10 square inches on each linear foot which makes it easy to meet code requirements while adding architectural beauty. The vents are designed to minimize paint buildup and promote continuous airflow as well as keeping hornets and bees out. 











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