Manufacturing energy saving windows and doors since 1932 and evolving in technology ever since to coincide with the market needs. 

Rhino Commercial Grade Aluminum 

Low to midrise projects- both new construction and retrofit jobs- used for commercial AND residential, Gerkin Rhino series is among the highest performing commercial grade window available. Offers windows with air infiltration rates that are up to 500% better than national competitors. The  U value is also among the best of aluminum windows and they exceed the energy star standards. Rhino series windows have been used in dozens of LEED certified projects and earned NetZero energy building certifications as well as 5 star green projects. NetZero buildings produce at much energy as they use, meaning there are no utility bills. Rhino series works well for both heavy and light commercial standards. Rhino windows are one of the only nationally distributed commercial windows to receive NFRC certifications and regional energy star ratings.

Under the Rhino aluminum series you can find horizontal sliders, awning, hopper (projects light in), casement, fixed, double hung, single hung, as well as patio doors. Colors available for windows include: 

                                             White                      Bronze                   Clear                         Dark Bronze
                                                                                                            Anodized                  Anodized



























But the sliding patio doors in the Rhino Commercial aluminum line only come in the clear anodized. 

Aluminum Storm Doors

Gerkin also makes aluminum storm doors and has been doing so for over 60 years. You can’t find Gerkin storm doors in big box retailers, they are only offered by independent dealers and distributors like ourselves to reflect Gerkin's quality or install and customer-friendly service. The best part about Gerkin storm doors is that they are guaranteed for as long as you own your home. There are 3 types that Gerkin offers. The Cabrio offers a retractable screen that is hidden away when ventilation isn’t needed offering a beautiful clear view. The Classic storm door is exactly as it sounds, and has all the necessities of a storm door. You can check out those 5 basic models here The Uniquely Yours series is a customized door that allows you to create one of a kind doors without over paying.  The Aluminum Storm door comes in 

                                                        White                    Almond                   Sandstone

Comfort Series Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

These were introduced in 1993 to meet the new market needs in both new construction and replacement projects. These are high quality, maintenance free products that you can get at a fair price. The comfort series includes many different operating systems. 

Horizontal Slider

This is Gerkin’s best priced window, no other style window can offer this kind of performance and cost combination with a .04 air infiltration rate and unmatched performance under extreme conditions with it’s double strength glass.

                                                                                  White                                          Tan



                                                                                  Sandstone                                  Midnight/White



Single Hung

The 6100 series is highlighted by the use of a 2 ½” beveled frame design, fusion welded sash and frame, and triple weather seals. This window has multiple vinyl chambers, internal aluminum reinforcements, heavy-duty block and tackle balances, as well as a warm edge technology glass allowing it to perform at a high level. It also features a sloped sill design without weeps so there is excellent drainage and air infiltration but no weep holes to get plugged!

                                                                                  White                                          Tan



                                                                                  Sandstone                                  Midnight/White

Double Hung

Double hung windows mean both the top and the bottom can slide open offering more ventilation. The 4800 series have a patented “candy cane” operating jamb stop that seals the ends of the interlock rail and and the face of the lower sash with perfection. No other double hung window offers this. It has 3 or more weather seals in every spot where the sash connects with the frame including the interlock. This window also has full perimeter internal aluminum reinforcements giving it extra support under strong conditions. The 4800 series also has the “assist-operated” block and tackle balances for easy opening and closing as well as easy tilt sashes for effortless cleaning.

                                                                                White                     Tan                            Sandstone


Casement windows crank or push out unlike sliders. Gerkin comfort series open and closes with ease with the roto crank hardware with great leverage and power. The sashes do not stick and the handle folds away just like most standard casements. There are 21 champers of fusion welded vinyl created great strength, warmth, and long life span. With the 4300 series also come two heavy compression bulbs and a third secondary exterior seal that blocks the weather before the interior compression seals get a chance to work. The multi-point lock system and interlocking hinge side locks offer the tightest full perimeter seal.

                                                                                White                           Tan                         Midnight



                                                                                Sandstone                  Midnight/White


Sliding Glass Door

The comfort series 4400 sliding glass door outshines other sliding glass doors in weather tightness, ease of operation, and long term high performance. The internal aluminum reinforcements just like the others in the comfort series allow for toughness against the elements. You can also get high rated transoms and sidelights for the 4400 sliding glass patio door along with multiple hardware colors. The hardware is heavy-duty and color matched. Brass, pewter, or oil rubbed bronze hardware and keyed cylinder locks or painted 2 point locks are available options. Our sash operates on adjustable heavy-duty, stainless steel ball bearing rollers.

                                                                                White                           Tan                         Midnight



                                                                                Sandstone                  Midnight/White

Atrium Swing Doors 

These doors were built for style but with an engineered design built for energy-efficient performance. All doors come with stainless steel hardware but the 6600 series has a full height gear hinges that distributes the load stress uniformly along the full length of the door panel which diffuses the wear and tear and eliminates sagging and hinge bind. It has a standard 3 point locking system with a dead bolt for maximum security. All doors are weather stripped and a rain shed design for maximum protection from the elements. These come with matching sliding screens made of extruded aluminum and include adjustable steel ball bearings rollers for an effortless operation. Glass thickness is 1” and uses Cardinal 366 Low E standard. The hardware on all of these doors is a contemporary Satin Nickel finish hardware

                                                                                White                           Tan 

Bays and Bows

Gerkin offers bay windows for large and small spaces. Gerkin comfort series bay windows come with natural oak or birch head and seat boards. Bay windows can have three windows in the opening with any of them opening and Gerkin can offer a customer appearance.




What’s the difference between a bay and a bow window? Bay extends out on straight angles where as a bow window is just how it sounds, it’s slightly bowed out in a rounded curve shape. Just like the bay windows, Gerkin Bow windows come with natural oak or birh head and seat boards. Bow windows give a unique look with a traditional appearance and smooth lines. Bow windows can have four or more windows in the opening and offer several different projections for a customer appearance.

Wood Interior (Wi)- Part of the Comfort Series

                                                                                         White                                 Sandstone

Although Gerkin has become a master of vinyl products, that doesn’t mean they stopped there. The Comfort Series Wi offers a beautiful wood interior. With technology and innovation Gerkin has created a thermally efficient, low maintenance wood interior line that enhances the beauty of the home or building. The Wi series offers durability, beautiful real wood poplar veneer interior which can be stained and painted to match interior trim and casings. These windows are available as casement, awning and fixed.  They also make a beautiful wood interior sliding glass door with amazing strength against the elements  and also has the internal aluminum reinforcements and multi chambered fusion welded.

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