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Holiday Decor on a Budget and for the Less Creative

New home owner? Decorating for the holidays for the first time? Here's a handful of fun DIY ideas for your holiday window decorations. This week we wanted to take a step back from the sales and information and have a little fun with our blog. It's still informational, but we are no experts on window decor, just experienced! So we wanted to share out tips and ideas for those that aren't very creative or for those who are on a decorating budget.

This first one, we actually did here in the studio for Dream Dance that's attached to the Z Double B warehouse. It's a time consuming project so it's great for snow days, and it can involve the whole family. A drill is needed so please have a trusted age appropriate person to help for this one. We strung bulbs on fishing line! This looks really nice with ribbon but we like dhte fishing line for that floating look. We hung ours from some ceiling piping but hanging them in front of your window from a curtain rod work great. And that way you can see the decorations from the outside as well.

Here's how we did this, step by step.

1. Drill holes in the bottom of the bulbs.

2. Cut fishing line to desired length, I think ours were about 5 feet.

3. Feel free to mark with permanent market where you want each bulb to hang but we just eyeballed it and did them all randomly.

4. Start with the bulb you want to be at the top of your sting, and ties a not on the bulb hook to secure the bulb in place on the line. Leave enough room at the top of the string so you can tie the string to your curtain rod. (you can also tape the string to the rod if you don't want to tie them)

5. Use a paperclip or long nail and tie the bottom of the fishing line to it so you can easily maneuver through the bulbs.

6. String through the bulb hook hole, inside the bulb and out the bottom.

7. Repeat the until you have as many bulbs on the fishing line as you want!

Another creative window decor option that we really like is turning your shutters into Christmas characters or wrapping them like presents. These ones here are old shutters that were not going to be put back up but there are ways to avoid using paint, like using a black garbage back wrapped and secured tightly for for the hat. Or if you aren't worried about repainting them when the season is done, we think that looks best!

The third one we really love are the window clings. You can find window clings at most stores that have holiday décor and all over online. Amazon and Walmart have ample options, but if you like to support small, check out this etsy link. These are also great if you don’t live on ground level and have to way to decorate the outside of your windows.

The final one that I think is a lot of fun especially if you have kids in the house you need to keep busy, is stringing marshmallows! It’s super cheap and super easy! And it can keep them busy for a long time! All they have to do is tie as many marshmallows as they want to lots of cut piece of fishing line and you end up with a really cute snow scene! I’ve also seen this done with some of the marshmallows dyed red and green. However, if your kids are young, I recommend skipping this step as good die can get very messy with marshmallows because they float and the urge to use your fingers for dipping them is hard for them to resist!

We hope you enjoyed this fun holiday blog and give our ideas a try!

If you have other window questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call or email. 303-997-8168,

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