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James Hardie Siding and Why We Love it

Houses can be built and protected with many different products from endless manufacturers. Z Double B offers several different siding solutions for you Denver home but one of out top favorites is James Hardie siding.

We offer almost all of their product lines. James Hardie products are high demand and come at a fair price. They come in thinner panel widths since they are made of such durable material, fiber cement. Cement is extremely cost effective. James Hardie actually invented fiber cement siding and remains to be the leader in the field. Fiber cement costs less than wood and doesn't attract pests like wood does. It also is less porous, meaning water resistant with protection from swelling and cracking. James Hardie Pre-Finished siding comes in 15 different colors that are low maintenance due to the coloring process. they also have a very high fire rating which makes them a popular choice in the Colorado dry weather. Fire feasts on wood, so even though cedar siding looks great, it is going to fuel the fire. Cement siding will not ignite when exposed to even direct flame and will not add to the fire fuel making it a great option for dry and hot climates.

Hardie's Pre-finished siding color collection is called the Statement Collection and comes in 15 different colors. Arctic White, cobblestone, Navajo Beige, Monterrey Taupe, Khaki Brown, Timber Bark, Pearl Gray, Light Mist, Gray Slay, Night Gray Boothbay Blue, Evening blue, Aged Pewter, Iron Gray, and Mountain Sage. One of our favorite parts about the products is the ColorPlus Technology they use. Baking on the color between each coat really solidifies it to the plank making it low maintenance and durable. The color lasts longer due to being UV fade resistant technology. Another reason we recommend this product is because it is backed by a 30 year non prorated warranty. Non prorated means they will replace it at the purchasing price even if you have had your siding for 29 years and its value has depreciated. Even their trim is backed by a 15 year non prorated warranty. Due to this, it can help lower your insurance costs, unlike vinyl siding which can actually increase your home insurance prices.

Even though we love James Hardie siding, it's only fair to give both sides, as every product has a comparable competitive product being offered. In comparison to other hung siding options, James Hardie planks are shorter in length which means there are more joints to work with. If something is going to go wrong with your siding, 9 times out of 10 it is something with the joints. The short length also means that they have to be hung very specifically and carefully. They also have a product line that Z Double B doesn't offer at all which is their customer colors. This is any color that a client might want that isn't on that 15 color list. We don't offer customer colors because they take a very long time to manufacturer so we can't offer lead times that home owners are typically willing to work with.

Overall, we love James Hardie fiber cement pre-finished siding and it's one of our top recommended products for Denver and mountain homes alike. Are you in need of a free quote form a local Colorado company? Contact Z double B in Lakewood, Colorado at 303-997-8168 or and we would be happy to schedule a consultation with you.

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