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Unique Windows and Doors

Looking for something exquisite? Want your home to stand out? Check out some of these unique items from some of our favorite brands we offer.


Pella has a local Colorado location which we find SO beneficial to our lead times and customer focus. In fact they have 2, one in Denver (yay for us as we are located just outside of Denver, in Lakewood, Colorado) and one in Colorado Springs. Having the supplier near by makes this a painless experience for our clients. Along with being local, Pella offers another unique aspect. They are one of very few companies that offers specialty windows. Specialty windows are also knows as French Windows because they act like a mini French door.

This Specialty window includes seven styles, all of which are not commonly used in the US and can really make your home pop.

  • French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from either side. With this style there is no center astragal, allowing for full ventilation and an unobstructed view.

  • Push Out Casement — A casement window that operates with a turn of a handle and gentle push rather than a hinge crank.

  • Push Out French Casement — Side-by-side casement sashes that open from the center with a gentle push. Provides the unobstructed view of a traditional French Casement with an alternative operation style.

  • In-Swing Casement — Opens into the interior of a room instead of out, this style operates with a “pull” motion rather than a crank.

  • In-Swing French Casement — Side-by-side in-swing sashes that open into the room.

  • Tilt-Turn — A common European window style, tilt-turn windows offer two ways to open the sash. Turn the handle 90 degrees to swing the sash into a room, or 180 degrees to tilt the sash in to vent from the top.

  • Hopper — Similar to an awning window, but vents at the top, opening into the interior of a room.


Simonton didn’t start out as a window company, they actually began as a small Virginia family owned exterior aluminum products called Pen Vent Awning. They soon saw a lack of energy efficient windows and decided to expand into that market to be a high competitor in the window market. Another unique thing about Simonton is that EVERY line, both windows and doors, that they offer meets the ENERGY STAR® guidelines.

A unique product that Simonton has to offer is one of the 2 doors they offer. It’s a single hinged patio door, meaning only one side swings instead of both. A Center hinged patio door allows you to choose which panel is operable and which way you like it to swing: in or out. This is a great option for someone who wants the view, but may not have the clearance for both doors to swing.

Sierra Pacific

Sierra pacific can be found in more than 30 countries around the globe, supporting more than 600 dealers. The neat thing about Sierra pacific is that it is part of the Sierra Pacific Industries that sustainably manages over 2million acres of timberland in California and Washington. Sierra pacific is amongst the largest millwork produces and lumber companies in the US which gives them control of their lead times and product availability. They are also part of the sustainable forestry initiative. Use everything The fiber remaining from one operation becomes the raw material for another. Shavings become animal bedding; bark becomes landscape material or boiler fuel for dry kilns and electricity generation. Create energy Using bark and other remaining fiber as boiler fuel, our seven co-generation facilities produce more than enough power to operate our mills. The balance is sold to CA utility companies to help local communities and reduce our nation's dependence on fossil fuels. Sierra Pacific hires Professional Foresters and Wildlife Biologists to help protect wildlife habitat, watercourses and plant life, and to help manage our lands based on "sustained yield" practices. As a result, Sierra Pacific Industries plants 7 million new trees every year and will nearly triple the amount of wood growing on its lands in the next 100 years, with average tree diameters nearly doubling in that time.

As far as products, they offer all kinds of windows and doors, but also offer a Bi fold and multi-slide option in windows and doors alike, which not all companies offer. And in the doors only category, the offer a pivot door, which is also an uncommonly offered item. They also offer an All wood, like, which is also uncommon. Another type that is rare is the H3 fusion technology window which is a perfect integration of aluminum, vinyl, and wood.


Offers the largest doors we can find, with everything being a custom made door designed specifically to your needs. They offer the largest glass panels and smallest frames possible giving the most unobstructed views. These come in several operating styles from sliding, folding to pivot. They can be on a curved track even, and have retractable blinds built in.

Z double B can get you these super unique and cool items! We also have other brands if you are looking for something else! Check out our home page, under the "brands" menu item to find the right product for you. You can also call or email us to speak with a representative to find the right product for you. 303-997-8168

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