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Home Exterior Trends of 2020- what's in and what's out.

First we want to go over what the most common home styles of 2019 were. There were several trending home styles in 2019 but the number one google search was “Farmhouse Style” for both architecture and décor. Farmhouse style really boomed in the 2010s and remains to be on the top of the list. It’s known to be one of the easiest styles to DIY and it's can be done on a low cost budget. It has a very informal and casual look and is often seen as welcoming and homey, making it a popular family home style. Another reason it is so popular is because you can take any traditional looking home and decorate it to look “farmhouse”. Unlike some other styles that rely heavily on the original build architecture such as Modern or Japanese style homes to incorporate a certain aesthetic. Farmhouse styles can be seen in ranch homes, craftsman homes, cottage, southern, and cape cod style homes. Another reason Farmhouse was so popular is because it can refer to function and location rather than style. People are actively searching for smaller homes. Between young people in the tiny house movement, the cost of homes increasing, and people retiring, the search for low maintenance, small, and low cost spaces are on the rise. the hunt form single story smaller homes shot up the past six months of 2019. Here’s an example of what those small home renovations and new builds are turning out like.

This is considered modern farm house. It’s only one story, has little to no front pillars and smaller lots of land.

Fading styles of the 2010s-

Standard white doors and trim was the first thing to fall in request in the new year. 2020 is looking to be the year of dramatic statements. This has been growing in popularity the past few years, but colored doors and trim and going to boom this year.

Another style that is fading is the industrial style. This architectural style was meant to be clean and easy maintenance but it came off cold, uncomfortable, and expensive. Another trend that is on the out is cool tones. Grays whites and blues are seeing a send off while earthy tones are being extended a warm welcome. An interior style that are fading are formal dining rooms and home offices. This could be due to the downsizing both family sizes and house sizes. These rooms are being used as multi-function rooms instead of a one activity room. Offices are doubling as office and craft spaces, or office and closet spaces. Formal dining rooms are being ruled out completely into hobby rooms, mud rooms, and closed off into bedrooms. Sun-rooms are also a fading style. This is due to people wanting more windows in all rooms of their home so sun-rooms are starting to seem redundant.

Upcoming styles in 2020

The first style that is hitting the ground running are big statement garage doors. One of the reason we suspect reasoning for this trend is because of the smaller house movement, meaning the garage is taking up half the exterior aesthetic. With smaller homes also comes smaller rooms. However millennials are knocking out walls to create a big open floor plan with a bright interior instead of small cave like rooms that boomers needed when having multiple kids. Less kids means less rooms. The last upcoming trend we want to talk about started in 2019 but is going to be seen widely as new homeowners renovate and build. This is pre-finished siding. Pre-finished siding means no painting and less maintenance. Factory-finish is preferred because the color will be exact, and last longer.

So what is your next step in 2020? Downsizing? More windows? New siding? Give us a call to get a free consultation and quote on your home exterior remodel. 303-997-8168 or shoot us an email at


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