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Common Home Exterior Renovation Mistakes

Rushing through it

When rushing through the decision making process, we often end up settling for things we didn't want. Patience is key when it comes to home renovations. The purpose of renovating your home is making it look how you want it to, when you finally take the leap and have the money and time to do so. Don't settle on a color that isn't your first choice just because that's what is available right now. Ask for an honest lead time for the product in the color that you want. And plan your other renovation projects around it. When we want the job done quickly, it can also put pressure on the laborers to do a quick gritty job instead of taking the proper amount of time to do the trade correctly. And lastly, rushing projects can lead to you spending more money. We pay for convenience and this is very true when it comes to big projects like a renovation as well, not just fast food.


Choosing the right colors is important when it comes to renovations because it can make or break the ROI value and your curb appeal or resale value. Always start with a color family or scheme. For a full list of color mistakes to not make, check out that blog here.

Setting an unrealistic Budget

Renovations seldom go exactly as planned. The surprises that you see on reality television renovation shows like HGTV are very very real, and not just there for the drama! When multiple trades are involved it increases the likelihood of unwelcome surprises, ranging from mold, product availability, labor shortages, weather, building codes, etc. The finished product will almost always look how you want it to but that doesn't mean a few surprises aren't going to pop up along the way. For this, it's good to have 20% extra in back up funds than what you actually want to spend in order to get through these typically inevitable bumps in the plans. However, some issues might earn you a discount too!

Being too trendy

Fresh looks feel good but resale value is something to not skip over. Trends are better off on something that is cheaper to replace such as clothes and decor. When it comes to home renovations, you'll want something that is timeless so that you only have to renovate once. Focusing only on appearance could sacrifice safety in electrical and structure as well. These are not details that can be overlooked.

Not getting professionals involved

Consulting professionals is important if you want things done right and to truly increase the value of your home. Fine tuning your designs with a professional eye will help you avoid another renovation in the long run. It will also ensure that things are cone correctly, avoiding issues in electrical, insulation and other important behind the scenes that come with home renovations. Getting professionals involved also ensures that you aren't skimping on the quality of products too. One of the items that should be replaced with good quality products are windows and doors that lead to the exterior. Consulting a company like Z Double B Inc can help you find the product that is right for you and help you save on energy bills and noise reduction.

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