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Fall Home Decor, Maintenance and Tips

Every season change is a perfect time for upgrades, deep cleans, and decor opportunity. Going into the colder weather comes with a long list of maintenance tasks, but there are a few big and important ones that we want to make sure we don't forget, as Autumn approaches.

Energy Efficiency

We've said it before and we'll say it again. Upgrading to energy efficient windows and doors is the best way to save money on your bills. Heat gain and loss through windows can make a difference of up to 30% on energy use, thus, savings on your payments. If your current windows are newer and appear to be in good condition, it's wise to just have someone come out and inspect all of your sashes and seals to be sure you are getting the efficiency you invested in. Those inspections are sometimes free, or cost just a small trip charge of typically $50 to $100. Things to check for in an inspection that you complete, or your hired pro completes, are air leaks, damage to caulking and weather strips, and small spacing or damage around the trim or glass. This inspection is pretty easy to conduct yourself if you have a single story home, but if you do spot any noticeable gaps or damage, it's wise to have someone come take a look to see if it's something worth addressing, and have them build an estimate for you. If you are in need of a replacement window or door, be sure to speak with your professional about Energy Star and NFRC labels and pro installation. The window is only as good as the installer.


Along with repairs, adding energy saving window treatments or exterior blinds can also assist in keeping the heat where it should be, either in or out. Throw pillows, floral, and simply swapping out colors in your home like your door mats, place mats, center pieces, and rugs is the easiest way to change up the for the seasons, but sometimes people forget about curtains and window treatments. If you have standards year round window shades or summer shades, putting up some fall shades will make a really big impact in your living room or kitchen areas. It can be as simple as swapping for a solid color such as caramel or burnt orange. Getting decorative is always fun too though. Below are some examples of more decorative but still modern fall window decor options. And if you REALLY love fall, you can deck out the entire bay window with an autumns or spooky set up. Giving attention to your windows and treatments creates a good opportunity to wash all the curtains and walls that have been collecting dust all year too.

Exterior Maintenance-

A fresh coat of paint, stain, or sealant is probably past due on your home exterior. If you don't plan to paint yourself, we recommend looking into a professional sooner rather than later because most paints shouldn't be applied below 50 degree weather. If you have siding or other materials that shouldn't have paint applied, inspecting your siding for any damage is a good idea regardless. Having damaged siding can mean entry ways for critters and bugs leading to ongoing damage that could become a much more extensive repair project.

So are you ready for fall? If you need an inspection, call ZBB at 303-997-8168. If you need a free estimate, call ZBB. Decor, tips, tricks, and maintenance checklists? Check out more of our blogs! We are a local Colorado company that thrives to give you all the home renovation and repair information you might need. We are a local Colorado company, located in Lakewood, and are ready to assist you in your home exterior needs.

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