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Applying the Concepts of Tiny Houses to Your Own Home

Tiny homes strive to incorporate the highest amount of functional space possible. Energy efficiency is also a huge factor in the drive to live tiny and minimally. Smaller homes also encourage its occupants to to spend more time outdoors. Looking over the principals of tiny homes, I have found some ways to incorporate those into non-tiny living.

Functional Roof Tops

In tiny homes, every square inch seems to serve a purpose. One are that can easily be overlooked when thinking about a traditional home, is making use of the rooftop space. Some homes turn it into a rooftop bar or deck. Another good use of the space is to create a garden area which works well if you have limited yard space. The concept will also benefit your grocery bill and fulfill a hobby, not to mention, make your neighbors jealous. Other but less common ideas we've seen include, outdoor gym equipment, meditation and yoga areas, pools, and outdoor mini theaters. The last one that we really like, and might be more practical if you have a traditional sloped roof, are solar panels! That's a great way to up the value of your home, and reduce your energy bills.

Let the light in!

Natural lighting can not only make small spaces feel bigger, but it too can help reduce energy usage. Small homes use design tactics that open up the space, so they tend to install as much glass as possible to achieve this, and come with additional benefits that natural lighting provides. Generating happiness is a known benefit to natural lighting, it's proven to create calm emotions and a happier environment. Only using artificial lighting when the sun is away, is a huge benefit to our health, our home's value, appearance, and our electric bills. So get those big giant windows, skylights, and patio doors installed on your big home too!

Outdoor space!

People with tiny homes generally spend a lot of time outside their home. This is partially due to the adventurous, outdoorsy personality of someone who tends to pursue tiny home life, but it comes naturally when your indoor space is limited. Creating a nice outdoor space that you can enjoy comfortably is aesthetically pleasing and encourages us to spend time outside. Weather its cooking, relaxing, or entertaining, being outdoors is generally better for our overall health.

Some of these projects you can DIY, but some you might need to hire a professtional. Z Double B can help you apply some of these tiny home concepts to your normal or large sized home. We specialize in siding, door, an window installation and our quotes are free. Give us a call if you want to discuss your home exterior ideas with a specialist. 303-997-8168

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