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Fresh summer Looks on a Budget

First impressions are everything! Give your exterior entryway a fresh look. Give your door a fresh coat of paint! One 2019 trend for front doors is a bold color. Purples, blues, teals, reds, and many other colors will give your entry way a welcoming pop this summer! Another entryway tip: stop hanging onto your old door mat. Door mats are a very inexpensive way to freshen up the front porch. Get rid of the one that’s falling apart all over your porch and purchase one for 20 to 40 dollars that looks clean and new! Lastly, add some foliage to your front porch. Either big plants or just a fake door wreath to accent your new door color will do!

This next one might not add curb appeal but it’s still going to satisfy your décor senses and your guests. Beach accents are back for a fun and inviting party setting in your back yard or patio. Yes, even if you don’t live on a beach. The colors are warm, welcoming and fun. You can do this on a budget, or have a more sophisticated beach style. Either way, its going to encourage you and your guests to spend more time outside. Plants, wicker accents or furniture, and pops of happy colors are easy ways create this look with or without a water feature.


Sometimes, less is more. Having less in your front yard is going to keep it looking fresh and clean and welcoming. Cleanliness is the best way to keep your home looking crisp on the outside. Keep your extra items in the garage or back yard instead of storing them in areas that are visible form the curb. Remove old planter boxes and other old exterior décor, toys and kids items. This also goes for foliage. Keep your bushes and trees trimmed and don’t go overboard on the landscaping and planting.

Create a Pathway

We aren’t sure why, but pathways look nice even if they are leading to nowhere. Pathways have changed in style throughout the decades, from bridges that may or may not go over water, to cement sidewalks that lead to the backyard. For 2019, we’ve gone straight back to the cottages for their disconnected stone and wooden walkways. You could lead to the garden, through the garden, or just from the door to the table, adding a small clean accent is a cheap way to spruce up your style. A little mulch and 10 or so stone or wood steps can go a long way without breaking the bank. Let’s not get too excited though, leave the extras out, like solar lights and garden gnomes, to keep the clutter out.

Solar lights might be out, but stringed lights are so in. There are several ways to create a stringed lights that really set a delicate moody atmosphere. Outdoor light are great to keep the party going. And also great for kids in the summer time. They allow for your family and friends to continue to feel welcome in the space, even after the sun goes down. As a host, making others feel welcome and continuing the party mood is important.

The last DIY or... maybe don’t do it yourself, is a Pergola. These have grown in popularity especially with the beach style that is ever growing in popularity. Pergolas can be fancy, or not. And either way add a pop of style and while encouraging relaxation in your outdoor space.They are especially great if you have family of all ages coming over for visits as it will keep baby and grandma out of the sun.

For more outdoor tips and trends, check out our other blogs! We have several services we can help you with to update your home for the summer, including windows, siding, and doors. our quotes are free and you won't regret your updates if you call Z Double B. You can reach our office in Lakewood Colorado at 303-997-8168 to talk about your project and what we can do to help.

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