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10 Inspiring Home Exterior Trends of 2019

  1. Merging your indoor and outdoor space makes it more inviting, and provides an open concept. It's also a great option if you have kids, you can easily watch them from inside the house while they play outside. Adding big windows to the outdoor area make it less secluded and more of an inviting space as part of the home. This means big windows, retractable glass walls, moving glass wall systems, and big patio doors. A brand we like and can help you with is Milgard.

  2. Greige tones. Greige is exactly what it sounds like, not quite grey, but not quite beige either. Greige is more of a continuing modern trend, rather than a brand new one. Greige tones are earthy, modern, and easy to pair with, no matter what aesthetic feel you are going for. You can add pops of color to give it a happy feel, or leave it more earth-tone for a high class modern look. It’s also easily paired with wood if you have more of a farm house or country style.

  1. Outdoor cooking features also make the outdoor living space more versatile with more than just a place for the kids to play. People are wanting to spend more time outside and this makes for the perfect hosting opportunity for adult events. The foodie movement is another contributing factor for the desire to have interesting outdoor cooking items like full kitchens, pizza ovens, and fancy grill tops.

  1. Along with cooking features, having a nice dining area comes with that. Tables that are less mobile or temporary are being added to outdoor spaces. A fixed look makes a great addition and is more inviting to sit at than just a picnic table, encouraging people to actually use their outdoor space. Granite counter tops and long heave tables are the newest trend to outdoor dining.

  1. Big and comfortable outdoor seating. Instead of lawn chairs and folding chairs, people are really investing in nice, comfortable outdoor seating, as they want something just as comfortable as inside the home to increase time spent in fresh air.

  1. Sustainability is being included in the plans as well. This means more plants, especially edible foliage like gardens and herbs. People are including them in a very modern way, rather than the old ground gardens. Raised and multilevel concrete plant beds are what this sustainability trend has started.

  1. Tranquility. Tranquility goes along with those beige and gray tones, and also leads to more foliage and water features that produce natural sounds in order to block out the busy world around us. This can be anything from fountains, small waterfalls, and Koi ponds.

  1. Outdoor living is growing as more people find their outdoor space to be important, during this tiny home movement. This ultimately leads to a smaller footprint, when you are living mostly off of daylight and gardening, cooking over real non-gas powered fire. That being said, this trend is the fire pit.

  1. Coral. Yes, the color coral. This is a naturally occurring color in the mix of beige on surfaces like outdoor tile, and slate, making it really pop when adding it to outdoor spaces. This was actually declared the official color of the year by Pantone Color Institute.

  1. The last and final feature is the outdoor shower. This probably started with people who had pools, or lived near the beach, but is increasing with the tiny homes and van homes plus the desire for tranquil and natural experiences. Fencing is an old trend so that made the privacy factor easy, and is also an easy fix if you don’t already have the privacy you need for and outdoor shower. They are also cheap to install and have proven to decrease the time someone spends in the shower, adding again to that sustainability and smaller footprint factor.

Looking at these ten trends, we can see several patterns here. Modern, sustainable, comfortable, and natural. These stem from the desire to spend more time outside, like humans used to. Z Double B can help you make your outdoor space connect better with your home be providing one of the easiest products and services from the list, which is number one. Patio doors, moving glass wall systems, and large windows are all products that we can provide and install. Call us today to take the first step to getting trendy with your outdoor space this spring. 303-997-8168.

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