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2019 Home Trends

Vinyl Siding: Board-And-Batten

Topping the list for home trends this year is a vinyl siding style called board-and-batten. It’s vertically installed rather than horizontal. It’s a popular choice to attain a farm house look while still giving off a modern and charming vibe. It’s often times white and textured which is easily paired with natural wood and other shades of brown and black. Other colors are also available. This type of siding requires little to no upkeep. It will never need repainted and is easy to clean with a garden hose and mild soap. Another reason it’s a popular pick is because vinyl siding can withstand winds of at least 110 mph and resists impact better than it’s competitors. This is a throwback kind of love that pops against any landscape and trim.

Window Walls

Home owners are shifting to more natural lighting options meaning more windows. Designers and home owners are even removing upper cabinets on their kitchen walls to create a space for large windows, delivering views and ample natural lighting. This also helps ventilation purposes when choosing a window that is not fixed. Adding a window wall in the kitchen provides a more open area creating the illusion that it is larger. Most home owners who make the switch claim that a less “top heavy” room is more comfortable and feels larger.

Glass and Steel Room Dividers and Interior Doors

Glass and steel have been popular in home exteriors for several years now. Luckily, someone thought to incorporate this design into their interior, starting with glass shower walls and doors. The trend has expanded even further to create sound barriers throughout the home and also look extremely classy. Glass divider doors still allow for light to pass through keeping the open feel but allowing for distinct activity separation in the home.

Compact Laundry Closets

Enclosing your laundry is a good way to keep the house tidy and also not waste too much space on a laundry room. A super-efficient laundry area can be as small as a hallway closet. Interior doors for your laundry closet allows you to put the chores out of sight when you aren’t using them, and save space. Waudena Millwork is a great vendor to help you find your interior laundry door options. You can click to check out that brochure here:

Mixed Materials

Apart from the creative modern look that mixing exterior materials gives your home, mixing it up has other benefits. 78% of buyers say a home’s exterior look is “extremely” important and will make a street decision in less than 12 seconds on whether to a view a home. Little to no maintenance is also a selling point along with sustainable materials- including stone and brick. All of these hit the nail on the head for mixing your home exterior materials. Modern industrial mixes often mix wood, steal, and brick in the same area, making your home exterior distinctive to its neighbors.

We can help!

Z Double B has the hookups! We can assist you with he purchasing and installation of all of these 2019 home trends. Call us today at 303-997-8168 or visit us at 12860 W. Cedar Drive Unit 110, Lakewood, CO for your next home project. Check out our gallery at for examples of some of the projects we’ve worked on!

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