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Using Commercial Products In Your Home

Adding commercial style products to homes is trendy and will really wow your guests. We like to believe the this trend strung from using these products in industrial style apartments that were sometimes commercial space that had been turned into housing options in big cities. Along with giant commercial style kitchens, stainless steel, and uncomfortable but stylish furniture, one of the biggest trends in new modern home designs is the narrow-profiled window frames which originated in these commercial style windows and doors.

In new builds, maximizing views has become important, as many people get stuck inside working, but like to feel more content in their home. Having a view is one way to do assist that. Using massive glass panels and small frames in windows allows for more glass and less obstructed views. For Patio doors, people are increasing the size on those as well, with 40+ feet of glass span.

So what are the pros and cons of using commercial products for your windows and doors?


Cost- The cost of good quality commercial products can get very pricey. If you have a hookup to find them at a whole sale price, that is your best bet. Commercial windows are often design specific to the build, and require special equipment to properly hang them, adding to the installation cost. The time frame being longer also hikes up labor costs. Commercial windows are heavier so that they can withstand the structure of large buildings. This means more material, so ultimately, a higher costs regardless of any other factor.

Renovating- If your home is already finished, your renovation could be a process. Replacing a standard patio door with a larger glass span is going to require more than just popping the doors out of it’s track. You’ll be removing parts of your wall and installing a whole new system. The same concept applies to bigger windows. The custom make, and complexity of the process also means you’ll probably have to wait longer for your renovation, and planning around that can be difficult. The time spent renovating can be a deterrent for many.

Energy Costs- Commercial windows are often designed to release as much heat as possible. This is because the heat generated from the hustle of many humans inside commercial buildings overpowers the temperature. Many commercial building run A/C all year around instead of heat in the winter. This is quite the opposite for residential homes. Pay attention to your energy efficiency labels if purchasing commercial products.


It’s beautiful! Glass is aesthetically pleasing. Glass as a style feature works with so many home styles, minimalist, modern, contemporary, industrial, ranch, and more! This is because you can get these massive glass products in all different frame types, from wood to vinyl to aluminum. The end result is always stunning and can tie in your outdoor patio as part of your main living space instead of feeling secluded.

Natural Lighting- Increasing the amount of natural lighting in your home can decrease your costs on electric. Just be sure you pay attention to those heat efficiency labels so your heat bills don’t counteract the decrease in electric. Natural lighting also opens up your space. This can make small spaces look large and dark spaces look more welcoming.

Maintenance- Cleaning glass is easy! Instead of having brick, wood, or vinyl to clean and maintain, just simply clean your windows regularly where fingerprints land and you are good to go!

Whether you want commercial grade materials or residential, Z Double B Inc. can guide you along the way. We sell both residential and commercial products and can help from decision making all the way through your installation. We can help you down to the smallest details of your decision and recommend the right product for your project. Already know what you want? Great! Call us today for a free quote 303-997-8168.

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