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Characteristics of a Bad Sales Rep

Purchasing windows can be a big project, but a helpful sales rep can make the process go smoothly and worry free. The opposite is also true. How do you know if you have a bad sales rep?

Lacking Knowledge

If your sales rep is always having to research for an answer every time you ask a question, that means he/she probably does not know your answers. Your sales rep should be more knowledgeable about the product than other employees at the company. They should be able to rattle off estimates, features and styles. If there is no correct answer to give readily, reconsider purchasing from them.


Businesses depend on sales to grow and make an impact with what they have to offer. If your Sales person comes off as negative, rude, or entitled- it’s good to let their employers know that they are negatively representing the company. Confidence is good, but if your sales rep is over the top about his ability, you shouldn't feel guilty to request a different rep.

Talking too much

The most important part of sales is communication. Being articulate with the value of what you are selling is important. This means being a good speaker, presenter, explaining, as well as a good listener. If your rep is too busy talking, they will never learn exactly which product they offer is the best fit for you, the client. Your rep needs to know what problem you have and which of product can solve it?

No Social Skills

Anti-social behavior isn’t going to cut it. Does your sales rep appear closed off? Do they appear negative? Would you be more likely to purchase from someone who is more in tune with social etiquette? Your sales person should be someone you could see yourself grabbing a coffee or drink with.

Too Pushy

If you are getting bombarded with numbers and quotes, it’s likely your sales rep doesn’t care about fixing your problem, only selling a product. If you have politely declined and they follow up with numbers before asking for the reason behind your reluctance, don’t feel bad for not responding. Your sales rep should have patience and follow up asking how your decision making process is going if they haven’t heard from you, not with another quote or deadline. Being too pushy also means more than one call per day, or even a call everyday can be too much. Especially on sales that involve big numbers and require some time to think and discuss.

Finding the Right Fit

If you have encountered these qualities from a sales person before, it’s likely that they only cared about the numbers, and not you as a client. At Z Double B we posses good sales qualities. We take pride in our products and will figure out which one will work best for you. We don’t believe in selling you a product that isn’t right for you, and also believe in making every customer happy with a fair, competitive price. We won’t push you, we want to help you. Windows are a huge deal and can sometimes involve big numbers, that’s why we want to make this process a breeze for you, meaning we listen, and will give you time to think and discuss your options. Contact us at 303-997-8168 or visit our showroom at 12860 W. Cedar Drive Lakewood, Colorado, 80228.

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