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ROI on Exterior Home Renovations

Basic Exterior Maintenance

Did you know you are more likely to get a return on your home investment by keeping up with basic home maintenance than if you were to redo your kitchen? One example of this is a siding repair or replacement. Replacing roofs, and windows is also on the list, having an ROI of 80% while siding replacements have an ROI of 92.8%.

The main reason for this is because home buyers would rather see security in a home that doesn’t have a leaky roof or potential for one, and be able to make the interior look exactly the way they want with their own upgrades. Think if you went to buy a home with a gorgeous kitchen but it had a wet basement from the home owner not keeping up on siding repairs. This can lead to bigger problems like mold and lingering stench. You’d probably choose the home without the updated kitchen and without the wet basement. Keeping the existing structure in good condition is key to ROI when reselling a home. As a home owner in general, this makes sense. If you had a renovation/repair budget and wanted a new kitchen, but also a hole in your roof, but you budget could only cover one, getting the roof fixed would be the priority. The same goes for buyers. They also have a budget, and if they don’t have enough money to spend on fixing the basics, they are more likely to buy the home that doesn’t have any issues but without an immaculate interior. While avoiding issues is important, curb appeal alone is a huge factor on home sales. If you drive by an open house and the outside doesn’t look decent, you probably aren’t going to walk inside of it.

Here are a few examples of exterior projects that are worth your dollar.

Garage door installation

Average job cost: $3,500

Resale Value: $3,400

Cost recouped: 98%

If you get a good deal on a garage door installation project, you could even end up profiting.

Entry door replacement

Average job cost: $1,471 Resale Value: $1,344 cost recouped: 91.3%

More specifically, the highest ROI door is an attractive steel door.

Siding Replacement

Average job cost: $15,072

Resale value: $11,554

Cost recouped: 76.7%

Vinyl Window Replacement:

Average job cost: $15,955

Resale value: $11,855

Cost recouped: 74.3%

Windows come with added benefits other than just looks. New windows can lower energy costs and reduce sound.


Average job cost: $20,939

Resale value: $14,320

Cost recouped: 68.4%

Roofing replacements can help you update the outside of your home to appear clean and trendy, and also preventing further interior issues from leaks. A new roof is a huge selling point in conversation along with improving curb appeal.

Brands we offer:

Z Double B can help you with these home exterior renovations. We offer brands such as Milgard, Cascade, Diamond Kote, Waudena, Themra-Tru, ProVia, Windcore, Simonton, Jelwen, Pella, Anderson and more. Our installation crew is dedicated to fixing current problems with your exterior, as well as avoiding future problems, and increasing your curb appeal. Call us today for a free consultation or any questions you have, at 303-997-8168 or visit Our show room located at 12860 W. Cedar Drive Unit 110, Lakewood, CO 80228 is open Monday through Friday with samples, brochures and experts you can talk to.

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