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What You Need Before Replacement Windows Go In

Choosing replacement windows in Highlands Ranch, CO is a big deal. There are so many options, it’s sometimes hard to weed through them all. It’s a large investment so you want to take your time and make sure you get everything just right. Before you move forward with new window installation, ensure you have all of these questions answered.

What Are The Warranties Like?

When you choose a window, and a window replacement company, you want to know about the warranties they carry. There are a variety of warranties including those that cover the product from the manufacturer and those that cover the installation. You will want full coverage in both areas to safeguard yourself against things that can go wrong.

How Are The Windows Energy Efficient?

You might know to start with Energy Star labeled windows. However, even windows under that label differ and some are better than the others. It’s great to know that the windows you choose are energy efficient, but how are they efficient? Do they work well in heat, in cold weather, or both? By getting the details, you’ll get to the bottom of efficiency and you can really end up with the best windows for your region and your specific home.

What Does The Quote Include?

It’s important to understand completely, what is covered in the quote you get from the window company. Is absolutely everything included or are there costs that could sneak up on you later? With Z Double B, Inc. the bottom line really is the bottom line.

Who Will Be Installing The Windows?

When you choose a quality window replacement company, you don’t have to worry about this, but you will still want to make sure they have the right representatives and technicians on the job. They should be well-trained and come with full insurance coverage. Poor window installation can lead to early failure, energy leaks, and all sorts of other issues either right away or down the road. Take your time with the important decisions. No company should pressure with this is a large investment and you want to be happy with the overall outcome. Give Z Double B, Inc. a call with your questions, large or small. You can reach us at (303) 997-8168 and we can even set up a free consultation for you. We’re located at 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228 and we’re happy to give you a tour of our showroom and point out differences between various window models.

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