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The Hot New Window Replacement Color

Trends come and go and that goes beyond your wardrobe, as it also applies to your home. While homes keep their colors all year long, they change with the decades, just like fashion. However, there are certain colors that are bigger than ever on home exteriors. If you are looking into window replacement in Greenwood Village, CO, you want something that will go with your home’s existing color, but you might also want something that’s “in.” What’s the biggest, hottest color replacement windows right now? Black—and here’s why.

Black Can Maximize Curb Appeal

If you have a light-colored home, putting in black replacement windows can really give the house a pop from the curb. All you have to do is match the front door to the windows and you have an appealing contrast going from your light color to the black window frames. Not only do the windows stand out as fresh and new, but they also stand out in their style.

window replacement in Greenwood Village, CO

A Dramatic Impact

When you get replacement windows, you want people to notice them. They are an investment that you want to be worth the cost. On lighter homes, dark window frames will do just that. They will give your house a dramatic look that makes a statement and makes the home look grand from the outside and large on the inside.

The Custom Look

If you take a drive down your street, it might seem as if a majority of the homes have white windows. White is a standard color and is the most popular. Like white, black is also a standard shade, but gives your something different that will make your home stand out among the others on your street. It will make your home look customized, unique, and give it true personality.

Pairing Black with More color options

Not every home is white. But that doesn’t mean it won’t look good with black windows! Greys, blues, and creams are just a few of many other colors that look good with black windows. This picture shows a great example of how customized this house looks with the black instead of the white windows and trim.

When it’s time for window replacement in Greenwood Village, CO, you get to dictate the details. While you might know you want something energy efficient, the style and appearance of the windows is very important to your home’s aesthetic as well. Windows last a long time and you may never have to replace them again. It’s important to get something that you enjoy and that makes your home shine on the block. If you want black, great. If you have something else in mind, the professionals at Z Double B, Inc. can help with that as well. Give us a call at (303) 997-8168 or visit our showroom at 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228. We can show you pictures of great contrasting colors and we can give you a tour of the various window styles and colors in person as well. Your home will be better off with window replacements.

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