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Working in Construction Trades

Working in Construction trades

Fewer and fewer people are entering a path into construction trades. Why? According to a study done by NAHB Economics and Housing Policy Group, the two most common answers as to why young people today are not interested in the work is because they want a less physically demanding job, and they think construction work is difficult. This trades labor shortage could be good news for you! Here we broke down some of the top reasons to work in construction trades.

1. Construction workers are the happiest employees.

Construction trade jobs provide opportunities for growth, provide your skills training, your tools, and mandate safety procedures for employees. The number one reason for job satisfaction for construction workers is having good relationships with their colleagues. It is a fun and relaxed, supportive team atmosphere. While working hard is rewarding and important in maintaining a reputation, it is not uncommon for the employer to have “relaxed” language tendencies during lunch, or to buy a round of beers while discussing projects.

2. There are jobs!

The demand for skilled workers has been increasing steadily for more than a decade, even during periods of economic decline. Look at the housing market in Coloroado. It’s a huge industry that involves a lot of construction work to do done. As the industry grows, you will also find that baby boomers are going to start retiring, thus, more job openings in construction. Keep in mind, construction isn’t seasonal! It goes throughout the year meaning you’ll have work all year long.

3. The money is good.

Starting fresh out, which could be as young as 16 years old, the base pay is about 21,000 a year. On average, a construction trades worker makes about 45,000 a year. The higher paid make about 66,000 a year. Training is paid for, lunches are often paid for, all your mileage is paid for, and most companies also offer a benefits program. It isn’t uncommon for trades workers to grow into construction management positions, making nearly 100K a year. On top of this, if your training isn’t paid for, it still costs less to learn a trade than to obtain a university degree. Any amount of debt will quickly pay off.

4. Paid Travel

Some companies only take on “local” jobs, even so, traveling from Denver to Colorado Springs is a whole scenery change. Taking advantage and grabbing a beer at a local brewery after a day’s work or on your lunch isn’t discouraged. However, some companies take on jobs far from their office or have multiple offices, offering opportunities for relocation upon employee’s interest.

5. You won’t get bored.

The nature of the industry means things are always changing. Every day is different, and no two jobs are the same. This means you are always learning and growing.

If this sparks your interest, you are in luck! Z Double B is hiring! Call us today about all your questions regarding construction, products or jobs. 303-997-8168 or come visit us at 12860 W. Cedar Dr. suite 110, Lakewood CO.

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