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Spruce Up Your Bay Windows

Bay windows have a lot of potential for design in a room. However, if not used in a specific design, they can easily become a spot for clutter. You know, where we drop the mail, the paper, our jackets, keys and other items. Turn your bay window into a space of its own.

Breakfast Nook

If you don’t have a built-in bench to your bay window, you can still create a dining space out of it. A small dining space for coffee or deserts is ideal here. What’s better than enjoying your Golden Colorado mountain views with a warm breakfast and some comfy chairs? These small breakfast spaces are often referred to as breakfast nooks. A small table and matching chairs will do just fine! Using family room chairs instead of dining chairs is a secret tip to make the space look extra cozy or fancy. Add pillows, blankets or lamps to make this a comfortable spot to have enjoy a coffee or snack with loved ones.

Cozy up a Bench seat

If you don’t already have bench seat, you can put one in fairly easily. This can be as simple as adding pillows and blankets atop a trunk or sturdy coffee table. Or you can take on a full DIY project and build one. Here is one example we like: DIY Bench Seat. Otherwise, creating cute space of your bay window bench seat only takes a few pillows and cushions. Make this are inviting by adding a pop of color against the rest of the room. Pick a color that will attract the eye- like blue if the room is full of whites, browns or greys. If the room is full of color, do the opposite and find cozy dark or subtle colors to make you want to cozy up.

Functional Space

Turn your bay window into a functional space for you or your kids. In-wall storage and underneath the seat can create lots of room for games, movies, or an in-home library. If you have a living room in your home, but no spare family room, this is a good way to make a small space function as an activity area. Having a space like this in your home does more than just add character. It also promotes productivity in your home and saves space by adding the built-in storage.


Is your bay window big a beautiful? So big that it easily looks bare? Add a lighting fixture or chandelier to the space making it decorative from top to bottom. This makes the space look complete, rather than busy on the bottom and blank on top. This can be done with a bench or no bench.

Don’t have a bay window? Call Z Double B in Lakewood, Colorado to discuss your options for adding a bay window to your home. We will advise for free on any window subject, just call 303 997-8168 for help. You can also stop by our showroom and talk to us about your dream for bay windows. We’re located at 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228 and we’re happy to help.

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