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What To Do With Your Old Windows

So you replaced some old windows. What do you do with the old ones? Reuse and recycle! There are ample DIY and decoration ideas you can try to repurpose your windows.

Photo frames

It’s easy to turn an old window into a photo frame. You can simply tape or glue a blown up photo to the pack of the window frame. You can also put in several small photos, one for each window pane to make a nice collage of the whole family. Your window doesn’t match your modern Denver town home living room? Easy, just paint the frame a solid color before adding the photo.

Outdoor Décor

Add pieces to your mountain home’s landscaping or Denver city home mini garden! Using nature decals on the glass, stencils, and spray paint art, can add a decorative touch. Or make it functional and build up, by potting flowers or herbs, a space saver for small yard space, and a creative way to dress up your garden or patio.

Wall Décor

That farm house needs a splash of creativity. Too often we see the same décor ideas for town homes. Try repurposing your old windows into a decorative wall art, making the space look modern and chic, but not ruining your farm house theme. We love this idea, because it doesn’t call for any modifications to the windows. Having a rustic paint chipped look, fits well in a farm home theme.

Functional Pieces

Have enough decorations already? Try adding to the space in a functional way. Hang your clock on a window before you put it up. It helps grab the attention to a simple clock, adding an accent to the room, instead of just a clock. Other great Ideas are to make shelves, mirrors, coat hooks, hand your garden tools, and indoor planters. Nothing is a satisfying as recycling with purpose.

Simply, Recycle.

Z Double B will happily take your old windows and recycle them for you. However, not all windows are recyclable. Some styles of older windows won’t come apart from the framing, meaning it can’t be separated for recycle. These are the windows that you are going to want to repurpose if possible. Talk to your window specialist at Z Double B to see what your options are. For a free consultation call (303) 997-8168. We will answer all of your window questions. You can also stop by: 12860 W Cedar Dr. #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228.

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