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Update Your Home for Fall

Like most of us in Colorado, you are probably getting ready for fall. When it comes to updates here is a pro tip: invest in seasonal upgrades that can by stylish all year around. Z double B can help you welcome Autumn in more ways than just your wardrobe.


A window design can affect the decorating canvas of the interior and exterior of your home. Consider a bay window for all your decorating solutions. Bay windows offer more shelving space for all that fall décor we know you own.

Not the decorative type? Bay windows provide a gorgeous view of the autumn scenery. They can also stand alone in the off season and still look stunning by adding an accent to your home. While the weather is still cooperating, now is a great time to install a big bay window into your family room.

You could be cuddled up with hot cocoa and blanket in time for the first snow.


Upgrading your doors is another great investment for the chilly weather. Like windows, it can add beautiful accents to your home. New doors and paint jobs are an easy way to add decorative options from season to season. To make your style permanent, consider seasonal reds which are beautiful all year. We can help you pick a hue that suits the style and color of your home. Add a simple wreath to your new door to make it noticed.


When upgrading your home- investing in faux decorations is another great option. This way you only have to spend once. Just like new windows and doors- faux decoration make sense in the long run. Tuck faux pumpkins into all the corners of your home! The best part about faux pumpkins is you can design or buy them to match any color and style of your home- it doesn’t have to be orange!

More décor options that you can use all year around include neutral items such as mason jars, candles, and burlap. Every season can be decorated with these items and can double as a year round styling foundation, depending on your home’s aesthetic.

Get Cozy

Aside from the pumpkins and fall colors, try adding an element of cozy with a quilt ladder. You can purchase these or make them! Display all the blankets your family has gifted you. This is sentimental and convenient for when you or your guests need an extra layer.

Even though we don't provide interior home decorations- we do give free advice! What we CAN help you with is a window or door upgrade. Contact Z Double B, Inc. to ask questions about replacement windows and doors. Call us at (303) 997-8168 for a free consultation or to set up an in-home visit. You can also stop by and see us in our showroom at 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228.

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