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Questions To Ask About Replacement Window Estimates

Boulder, CO replacement windows

Getting replacement windows is rather large, and you’ll want to make sure all of the elements line up just right before you make a commitment. If you are speaking with window companies and gathering estimates, you need to understand what the estimate is like, so you can compare them and truly recognize what you are getting into before you sign anything. As you gather the information, ask some of these questions to help you get the right company, windows, and installation.

What Is Included In The Estimate?

Some companies might only include the window products themselves and then tack on the installation fees later. You really need to have a thorough estimate that includes the prices for every bit of the job. That way, you can see the bottom line right in front of you without any surprises later. A reputable window company should be transparent about all of the costs included in the estimate as well as outside costs that could come up that you might need to consider.

Is Window Disposal Included?

Some installers leave your old windows behind for you to deal with while others will haul them away for you. There might be a charge to dispose of your old windows and you’ll want to know about those charges beforehand. You’ll also want to know if the windows are going to be taken away or if you’re going to be left to figure it out on your own.

Can I Have References For Similar Jobs?

If you want to make sure everything is on the up and up, it never hurts to speak with people who have worked with the company before. Ask if they found the estimate thorough enough and if the costs were the same once the job was complete. Drive by a few homes that have windows from the contractor installed so you can see the final result. And ask references how the company left their home, as in, did they clean up or was that up to the homeowner as well.

When you ask these (and other) questions of the window contractor you are thinking about working with, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable about the replacement windows you are about to purchase. Once you have all the information you need, you can move forward with peace of mind. No matter where you are in the process, you’re welcome to call Z Double B, Inc. at (303) 997-8168 for help. We’re very transparent about our costs and estimates and we’ll give you all the information you need without hiding anything at al. You can also stop by our showroom and take a look at replacement windows in person if you want to brainstorm and start dreaming about what they will look like in your home. We’re located at 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228 and we’re happy to show you around and help you decipher different window labels and other differences.

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