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Drafty Windows Or Replacement Windows—What’s Best?

Wheat Ridge, CO replacement windows

Drafty windows have quite an impact on the comfort of your family and if you live in an older home, it can even be a challenge to manage the climate inside because of the air seeping through the windows. Plus, when the sun shines through, it can be hotter than you can bare. replacement windows can make quite a difference in the look and feel of your home. Are they the answer or would you prefer continuing on with your drafty windows? Let’s take a look.

Drafty Windows Vs Replacement Windows…Utility Bills

Do you have any idea how much drafty windows are costing you on your energy bills? Older windows can bring warm air in during the summer and even if you run your air conditioning, as much as 40% of the energy can be lost through the windows. You might be getting the cool air you want, but it goes right on outside and then your HVAC has to work even harder. With replacement windows, your home is night and tight and sealed up. The air doesn’t get out or in and you are able to maintain a comfortable temperature with ease. Your bills will be dramatically lower and you won’t have to worry about how much energy you are wasting, either.

Drafty Windows Vs Replacement Windows…Energy Efficiency

In today’s day and age, it’s very important to be as energy efficient as possible in every way possible. There’s no reason to hog energy that you aren’t even really using. Plus, wasting energy just costs you money. When you have old, drafty windows, especially if they only have a single pane of glass, you are wasting gobs of energy. Replacement windows are highly energy efficiency with new technology coming out all the time. With multiple panes of glass and gas fillers along with low-E coating options, you can keep all of your energy inside and actually use it.

Drafty Windows Vs Replacement Windows…Environmental Protection

Everyone wants to be as green as possible today and with drafty windows, you certainly aren’t there yet. Not only will replacement windows help you save more money and maintain the energy efficiency of your home, but they’ll also reduce your carbon footprint on the environment. For some homeowners, that’s reason enough to move forward with the project.

Do you want to bring your drafty windows to a new level by replacing them with something new and more useful? Your old windows have served you well, but there comes a time when all windows have to be replaced with a newer, better model. replacement windows can help you save money, increase your energy efficient, and lessen your impact on the environment. Contact the experts at Z Double B, Inc. for help deciding on materials, styles, and everything else. Call us at (303) 997-8168 for a free consultation or just stop by 12860 W Cedar Dr #110B, Lakewood, CO 80228.

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