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High Pressure Sales- Why you don't need to fall for it

We have all been there. Whether is be at the car dealership, or the booth at Costco, it is likely that you have fallen into the high pressure sales tactic that many salespeople use. They lead you to believe this a one time deal, something you just won't get anywhere else. They also make you feel like you can't say no, because here they are, right in front of you, basically telling you that you would be stupid not to take this offer. Once this purchase has been made, the regret often sets in. Don't worry! We have all been there. So next time you end up in this high pressure environment here are some reasons to remember why you don't have to cave in and buy that product or service.

1. If they can offer you this kind of deal today, why can't they offer it to you tomorrow (as long as the product is still available)?

This is my number one issue with high pressure sales. If you have the ability to offer me this deal today, there is no reason you can't offer me the same deal tomorrow, or even a week from now. Don't fall into the trap! A good business owner and salesperson knows the value of their product and service. They will offer fair prices to their customers and they will be sure to offer this price a week or even a month from now.

2. Well if you don't make this purchase now you will loose out on the deal and end up paying more.

Wrong. Once again don't let the salesperson fool you! As a smart consumer you have the right to go and check on the price in other stores, online, or get quotes from other contractors. Doing your research may lead you to find out that this is not the deal of the century and you will actually get a better price somewhere else.

3.You feel that you have to buy something from this salesperson because they have spent so long talking to you.

Sadly this is just another high pressure sales tactic. The salesperson tries to con you into thinking that you just MUST buy something especially because they have spent some of their valuable time talking to you. Remember, you are the smart consumer, you don't have to buy squat. A good salesperson is not going to make you feel obligated to buy anything. They stand behind their product and service and they know what they are offering you is good and true. A good salesperson will also be willing to spend the time needed with you, the consumer, to answer any questions that you may have. They don't need to make you feel guilty or stupid for not immediately agreeing to buy your product or service.

Don't let high pressure sales lead you to purchase something that you wish you didn't. Take your time, do your research. Also remember that it is Colorado State law, that you have three days to withdraw from any contract that you signed. If it really is a good deal it will be there tomorrow.

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