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Spring Cleaning- Outdoor Edition

It is that time of year to take a look at the exterior of your property. Summer is right around the corner, meaning good weather, backyard barbecues and the potential for out of town guests increases. When it comes to income properties, summer means the potential for rental changes. So this is the time to make sure the exterior of your property is in good shape. The season of outdoor projects is upon us, therefore take a few minutes to evaluate the exterior of your property so you can plan what projects you would like to accomplish during the warm weather.

A good place to start your inspection is your gutters. The first step would be to clean out any debris. While performing this task, take a few minutes to look at your gutters and determine if they need to be repaired or replaced. Gutters are the first line of protection against water damage when it comes to the exterior of your home. If your gutters are leaking then your siding, fascia and soffit will suffer, and unfortunately these items are more expensive to replace when compared to replacing your gutters.

Things to look for when evaluating the state of your gutters:

*Water Leakage

*Sagging Joints

*Gutters falling off or away from the house

Once you have evaluated the state of your gutters, take a look at the siding of your property. Things you should look for when evaluating your siding:

*Paint chipping


*Pieces that may have come loose from your home


*Missing or Cracked Caulking

The exterior of your home is the first thing guests or potential customers see when the arrive at your residence. Siding that is in bad shape does not do much for your curb appeal. Sometimes a coat of paint is all that you need, however sometimes that siding is so bad that it needs to be replaced. If the siding is in bad condition it can lead to water damage in the interior of your home. There are many options when it comes to products that you can put on the exterior of your home. These options have a variety of price ranges to give you the look or function that you want for the exterior of your home or income property.

The next place to evaluate would be your windows. Things you should look for when evaluating your windows:

* Foggy windows

* Broken or cracked Glass

* Broken or missing screens

* Windows falling out of your house

* Broken trim

If you are looking to cut down on your energy bill you should have your house evaluated by an energy specialist. Badly insulated windows account for thirty to forty percent of the energy loss in a residence. An energy specialist will take a thermal picture of your house which will help determine if you should replace the windows due to energy loss. If you found that you had to pump out the heat all winter in order to feel warm in your home, you should seriously consider replacing your windows. They will help keep the cool in during the summer as well as keep the heat in during the winter.

As you spring clean the interior of your home or property take a few minutes to examine the exterior as well, as sometimes preventive maintenance will save you money in the long run.

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